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Editor Paul McWilliams spent more than two decades as an executive in the tech industry and has covered it as an investment writer for more than a decade since he sold his tech company. This unique background provides him unparalleled access to industry contacts and insights into the products, trends, and paradigms that matter and which have powered the Next Inning Model Portfolio to produce returns more than 10x greater than the S&P 500.

Next Inning Case Study: McWilliams suggested shorting ARM Holdings (ARMH) when the price crossed above $45 on April 24, 2013 and subsequently advised readers to buy cover for the short position when ARM was trading for roughly $36 (June 20, 2013). While McWilliams isn't hesitant at all to praise ARM and its business model, there are certain aspects of it that appear to fly over the head of Wall Street analysts. This is where McWilliams' decades-long career in the semiconductor industry and his value-orientated fundamental evaluation helps Next Inning readers catch profits others miss. With the price of ARM back into the $40s, does McWilliams think now is a good time to short ARM again, or does he see a better way to play the stock during this earnings cycle?

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Recent Report Headlines
Earnings Reviews for INTC, SWKS and TSM - 1/16/14
"By and large, the INTC story remains as Iíve presented it. This year will start out a little rough, but as the new products roll out..."
Linear Technology (LLTC) Fiscal Q2 2014 Quarterly Review - 1/15/14
"I see no reason to change my view on LLTC. It's a great company, with a great model that is executing very well (as it most always does). My only issue remains..."
Micron (MU) Fiscal Q1 2014 Review and Outlook - 1/8/14
"In addition to these two changes that will continue to play out going forward, there are two drivers that benefited MU that are not likely to remain in force during the longer term..."
Member Q&A - Updating Infinera (INFN) - 12/23/13
"Between my estimated balance sheet value of $2.80 and the earnings consensus of $0.14, it's pretty tough to support even INFN's current price of $9.25 with fundamentals. However, based on INFN's recent performance..."
Oracle (ORCL) Fiscal Q2 2014 Earnings Quick Take - 12/19/13
"As noted in our preview, I've intentionally maintained a very conservative earnings outlook for ORCL this year, and with that an estimated full value price range running from only $36 to $42. Given the fact it appears that Wall Street is finally waking up to the story, I've decided to..."
Member Q&A - Catching Up With DNP Select Income Fund (DNP) - 12/15/13
"Q) A while back you mentioned a high-yielding non-tech stock, DNP Select Income Fund (DNP), that was trading around $11. You suggested to wait for lower prices before adding it to a portfolio, which was a great call. Now with DNP around $9.50, do you think it is a good time to buy?..."
Member Q&A - SanDisk (SNDK) Considerations - 12/12/13
"Q) I sold 25% of my SanDisk (SNDK) holdings at the $70 target per your suggestion, but continue to hold 75% in hopes of seeing allocation in the NAND market this quarter which could push SNDK higher after this quarter's results, but I saw an article and wanted to get your opinion. It appears there are some oversupply issues..."
Finisar (FNSR) Announces $200M Offering - 12/9/13
"During the last few years I've gotten to know FNSR founder and executive chairman Jerry Rawls fairly well. I suspect without this background I would question this decision, and probably put more weight on the risk side of the equation versus the potential upside than I do. However..."
Member Q&A - McWilliams Windows 8.1 PC Experience - 11/29/13
"Q) A couple of weeks ago you had indicated that you purchased a new Windows 8.1 computer. If I remember correctly, you indicated that you would share your thoughts on it at some point in time. I was hoping to get some feedback from you..."
Marvell Technology (MRVL) Fiscal Q3 2014 First Look - 11/21/13
"Marvell Technology Group (MRVL) reported fiscal Q3 2014 (October 2013 ending quarter) revenue of $931M and non-GAAP earnings of $0.32. Both were substantially above the consensus estimates of $870.6M and $0.25 respectively. MRVL guided for..."

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"I have followed the financial newsletter industry for 28 years, reading hundreds of financial advisors. Without doubt, Paul McWilliams offers among the most in-depth, highest quality and well-reasoned research available in the marketplace. I've rarely ever seen an advisor who is as knowledgeable -- and accurate -- regarding the sectors and stocks that they follow." - Steven Halpern,
"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for such a well-written piece regarding the intricacies of M&A valuation vs. stand-alone market valuation in a stock. You are the best stock analyst I have ever had the good fortune to find. I for one, of many I'm sure, appreciate your attention to detail and your continuing tutorials regarding those things we need to know to be better investors. You are a true teacher as well as a trusted advisor. Thank you." - Russell Brown,
"Let me first open by just adding to the chorus of extremely satisfied subscribers. I've been a member now for almost a year and have gotten to the point where I NEVER make a trade in the tech space without first checking what's been posted on the site. It's an invaluable resource and I for one appreciate the time and energy you put into your analysis." - Dan Greene, SCM Manager, McKesson Health Solutions
"I have been in this business for 28 years and I believe your research and calls are the best I have ever seen in my career. Congratulations!" - Ross Strehlow, RBC Wealth Management
"Paul McWilliams has no peer; there are no other analysts in his class. He has actually worked in the industry he covers, giving him the ability to perceive things about which other analysts don't have a clue. And his credibility is enhanced by being independent of any financial institution. It would be very difficult to improve on the Next Inning service." - DGG
"With the world full of Cramers, your newsletter has set the 'gold standard' for the unvarnished truth in financial analysis. There is no doubt that I'm better off after reading your reports and updates than before." - J.C., Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman
"Paul McWilliams has a knack for cutting to the chase on issues and demystifying the complex inner workings of economics, the market, and stocks. His desire is to educate and his lack of bias is refreshing. Finally, a source of practical information!" - Linda Korrow, President, The Energy Fair

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